Ardoz Healthcare BV

Ardoz Healthcare BV develops and distributes dermatological and oral medical device products. These products make use of Ardox-X® technology. This technology enables timely and controlled release of non-radical and safe molecular oxygen with special benefits for patients.

Through significant research efforts the compagny has developed a range of skin care and oral care products with remarkable characteristics.

The oral care line under the brand name Safe & White and Fresh & Clean comprises safe, peroxide free, tooth whitening products, a line of effective oral hygiene products under private label(O7, Implaclean, Miraclin implant) and a range of products for dental implant management (both for professional as home use).

Dermatology products include Kruidvat Eczeem crème en Psoriasis Balm,Trekpleister Eczeem crème and PSO2 Dermolichtena oxygen based treatment for psoriasis and eczema. Ardoz healthcare formulates products for third parties under private label commercial arrangements.

Apart from the dermatology and oral care lines currently on the market, several co-development opportunities exist in the area of onychomycosis, tinea pedis and wound treatment.

Ardoz Healthcare BV handles your worldwide commercial and R&D requests.